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Why Local SEO Is So Important

Local search optimization will provide your business with a measurable and trackable strategy, ensuring continuous insight into the performance of your campaign. By leveraging platforms such as Google Analytics and other website analytics tools, your business can easily monitor the effectiveness of your SEO efforts and make necessary adjustments. Our comprehensive services empowers you to track, analyze, and scale your campaign over time, leading to improved outcomes.


As your business grows, so should your local search optimization campaign. Our services provide scalability, allowing you to expand your efforts as needed. By closely monitoring the performance metrics and making necessary adjustments, we will help you to effectively scale your campaign and capture a larger share of local search traffic.

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Achieving Top Rankings in Google's Local Business Results

Securing a position in the top three results on Google is crucial for local businesses. By implementing effective local SEO strategies, you can elevate your website’s visibility to appear on the first page of search engine results. This not only boosts your organic rankings but also provides valuable SERP real estate, as your business will feature prominently in map packs, ensuring customers encounter your business right away.


For local businesses, appearing on the first page of search engine results is vital. Local SEO techniques enable you to optimize your online presence, ensuring that your website ranks prominently in the search results for queries specific to your city or region. By focusing on local search optimization, you can effectively target potential customers who are seeking products or services in your area.

Enhanced Organic Rankings:

Ranking on the first page of search results through local SEO can significantly improve your organic rankings. By optimizing your website’s content, keywords, and metadata to align with local search intent, you increase the chances of your business being prominently displayed in relevant search queries. This heightened visibility not only drives organic traffic but also establishes your business as a trusted and reliable local option.

Maximizing SERP Real Estate:

One of the key benefits of local SEO is the inclusion of map packs in the top search results. Map packs are highly visible sections that showcase local businesses related to the search query, complete with their locations on a map. By securing a spot in these map packs, your business gains prime real estate on the search engine results page (SERP). This means that potential customers will see your business right away, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversions.

Captivating Customer Attention:

Ranking within the top search results, particularly in map packs, offers a significant advantage by capturing customer attention. When potential customers search for local businesses, they are often looking for quick solutions or immediate information. By appearing prominently in the top results, you increase the chances of being noticed, as customers tend to prioritize businesses displayed in the initial search listings.

Gaining An Edge Over Your Competitors

In today’s competitive digital landscape, claiming your Google Business Profile is a crucial step to ensure your business is included among the top results in your city. If your competitors have yet to claim their profiles, this presents a valuable opportunity for you to establish an advantage. Unsure if your business listing has been claimed? Don’t worry – we can handle the process for you, enabling you to get ahead of your competitors.

Why This is so Important

  1. Importance of Claiming Your Google Business Profile:

    Claiming your Google Business Profile is vital for local businesses seeking online visibility. By securing and optimizing your profile, you ensure that your business appears prominently in local search results. This increased visibility drives traffic, enhances your online presence, and helps you stand out from competitors.

  2. Gaining an Edge Over Unclaimed Profiles:If your competition has neglected to claim their Google Business Profile, it puts them at a disadvantage. By claiming and optimizing your profile, you can seize the opportunity to surpass them in local search results. Being included among the top business results in your State, City or Town not only boosts your credibility but also increases the chances of attracting potential customers.

  3. Professional Assistance in Claiming Your Business Listing:
    If you’re unsure whether your business listing has been claimed, our team is here to help. We specialize in managing the process of claiming and optimizing Google Business Profiles for our clients. By entrusting this task to us, you can save time and effort, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while we ensure your profile is set up for success.

  4. Gaining an Early Advantage:
    Claiming your Google Business Profile before your competitors gives you a head start in the digital race. By taking proactive steps to establish your online presence, you can attract customers who are searching for businesses in your industry or location. This early advantage enables you to build brand awareness, establish credibility, and capture a larger share of the market.


Achieving top rankings in Google’s local business results is essential for local businesses to thrive in the digital landscape. Local SEO strategies enable you to secure a spot on the first page of search results, enhancing organic rankings and providing valuable SERP real estate. By optimizing your online presence and targeting local search intent, you can increase visibility, attract potential customers, and position your business as a trusted local option.

On and Off Page SEO

Local SEO services are well-known, but what about on-page SEO? It’s a crucial part of a comprehensive SEO strategy that can elevate your business. On-page SEO involves specific techniques that help improve your local business’s search rankings.

Here are some key strategies:
Seo On and Off Page

  1. Keyword optimization: Conducting thorough keyword research ensures that your website ranks for relevant terms, attracting more customers. Incorporate these keywords strategically throughout your web pages.

  2. Valuable content: High-quality, informative content is essential for ranking well on search engines. Creating and implementing engaging content that Google considers relevant is key to boosting your website’s visibility.

  3. Compelling page titles: The title tag is the first thing users see when searching for your business. Including your target keyword and crafting attention-grabbing titles will increase the chances of users clicking on your website.

  4. Alt tags for images: Search engines can’t analyze images like humans can. By using alt tags, you provide descriptions that help Google understand the content of your images and their relevance to the page.

  5. Regular content updates: Keeping your content fresh and up-to-date is important for search engine rankings. Google appreciates new pages and having a blog on your website is a great way to consistently provide fresh content.

Implementing these on-page SEO strategies will enhance your local business’s visibility in search results and attract more potential customers to your website.

Keyword Research For Local Businesses

Keyword research is vital for successful local business search optimization. It helps you identify relevant industry keywords and understand the search terms used by your target audience. It’s also important to analyze your competitors’ keyword strategies.


In local SEO, focusing on local keywords that include your location can improve your rankings within your area. Funnel Boost Media offers local keyword research as part of its packages.



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Having a Google My Business (GMB) profile is crucial for local SEO. Without one, it becomes challenging for your business to appear in local search results. A GMB account provides useful information to users searching for keywords related to your business on Google. This information increases the likelihood of potential customers visiting your physical location. Your GMB profile presents all the necessary details in a neat and user-friendly information card. When creating your GMB profile, we ensure to include essential information and incorporate any multimedia or photos you provide.

What Does Local SEO Cost?

The cost of local SEO services will depend on a number of factors. These may be related to the number of locations the business has and as a result the number of these that will need to be promoted.

Businesses investing in local SEO may typically pay anything between $1,500-$3,000 per month, however we recognize that for small local companies this cost is likely to be beyond  your budget.

We offer substantially reduced pricing for small local businesses so please request a customized quote to get personal pricing for your business.

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